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Portable Printing Redefined

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the InfiniPrint Pocket Pro stands out as a testament to technological innovation. Not just any mini printer, it promises efficiency and unparalleled convenience. Let's delve into its features and see why this remarkable piece of tech is fast becoming a staple for many.


What Sets the InfiniPrint Pocket Pro Apart?

The InfiniPrint Pocket Pro isn't just compact; it's a powerhouse. Measuring a mere 87mm×90mm×40mm, it's designed for those on the move. Whether it's an overseas business meeting, an impromptu creative session, or a simple need for a quick label, this mini printer ensures readiness.

One of its defining features is Inkless Printing. Say goodbye to the hassle of cartridges or unexpected ink shortages. Leveraging the latest in thermal printing technology, this printer offers clarity without the use of ink.

Furthermore, it offers versatile connectivity, effortlessly syncing with iOS and Android systems via Bluetooth, ensuring a consistent printing experience. With its support for 10 different languages, the InfiniPrint caters to a global audience.

The 1000mAh lithium battery is a testament to its endurance, aligning with your demanding printing needs. Personalization also gets a nod with its diverse style options in terms of colors and label or sticker compatibilities.


More Than Just a Mini Printer

The InfiniPrint Pocket Pro is an impressive mini printer, but coupled with the Phomemo app, it's a comprehensive printing solution.

From the ability to customize content with a mix of photos, texts, tables, to digitally scanning objects for immediate printing, the app is feature-rich. Whether it's web pages, extensive texts, or graphic designs you wish to print, this mini printer supported by the app has got you covered.


InfiniPrint Pocket Pro


Key Specifications & Features:

  • Printing Method: Direct Thermal Printing
  • Size: 87x90x40mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Colors: Pink, Green, White
  • Charge Method: USB
  • Operating Systems: iOS & Android
  • Resolution: 203DPI
  • Printing Speed: 20 ppm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth-Compatible with both smartphones and tablets
  • Type of Consumables: Thermal Paper
  • Features: mini printer, pocket printer, photo printer, home printer, office printer, note sticker printer, self-adhesive sticker.

Final Thoughts:

In a rapidly progressing world, the InfiniPrint Pocket Pro mini printer emerges as the answer to evolving portable printing needs. Its size, combined with state-of-the-art features, positions it as the vanguard of modern printing solutions. For professionals and artists alike, this mini printer promises convenience and quality in one compact package.

Note: For optimal performance, ensure Bluetooth connectivity via the "Phomemo" APP. For a "no paper alert", adhere to the provided instructions to maintain printing efficiency.

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